As Sony’s E3 Showcase came to an end, fans were upset about no Last Of Us 2 preview. However something else stirred up excitement among fans. A preview for the new Spider-Man exclusive game was shown. Actual game play of the upcoming exclusive was shown. However as the preview drew to the end it showed Spider-Man, Peter Parker being attacked and the screen cut. Fans then get a preview of the street where two kids are recording the fight. One of them being called Miles. Miles Morales is a another version of Spider-Man from earth 1610. Could this mean that the new SpiderMan game has Miles Morales additionally as Spider-man or could it hint that the game is based around Peter Parker’s SpiderMan dying and being replaced by Miles Morales. Either way it is confirmed Miles Morales is part of the upcoming Ps4 Exclusive. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming game.


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