Recently Apple held a conference in which they revealed a range of new products and introduced iOS 11. At initial preview of the new IOS, users were upset the long awaited Dark Mode feature wasn’t announced. However as people got their hand on to the beta for the new software slowly hidden features were unveiled. The main hidden feature discovered was that a form of dark mode was actually available to use. It was hidden in accessibility in inverted colors and labeled smart invert instead of dark mode.  The mode has been fully in depth reviewed by the YouTube user EverythingApplePro. Off the bat a few things he noticed was the new mode affected some third party applications which can be fairly frustrating. For example, the YouTube app’s colors were completely inverted this including all the videos. Another example is the art work on the music app was also inverted. Both these drawbacks may outweigh the enjoyment of enabling smart invert/dark mode.  However the dark mode changes the colour of settings from white to black, the app store to black, and the keyboard to black. To watch the full in depth review, click the link: EverythingApplePro Dark Mode



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