Around this time many users of the latest iPhone start to feel the effects of the wear on their battery. Wear is the amount of reduction in the batteries capacity compared to its factory default capacity. This Guide illustrates ways in which you can prolong your iPhone battery.

  1. Low Power Mode- This tip is simple, always set your iPhone to low power mode. This will prevent most useless activities in the background. You wont even feel the difference while using your phone with this mode on but your battery will. Go to setting>battery> low power mode.
  2. Low Brightness- Set your phone to as low brightness as possible, and auto brightness. This will prevent the phone from burning up as much battery lighting the display.
  3. Reduce Battery Drain Apps- These are apps such as snapchat, spotify, facebook.
  4. Turn off useless features- These are features such as raise to wake, and hey siri. Unless you actually use them, they are battery draining features.

    If you would like more tips on how to reduce battery drain feel free to like this post or comment below.


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