Recently Sony released update version 4.50 which brought about many new features; however, it also brought a few major bugs. These bugs started to occur under the category of online connectivity. One type of bug that occurred was users not being able to connect to their own Internet wirelessly. Many users claimed the PS4 would lash out the error code: “NW-31297-2”. This error code occurs when the password for the Wi-Fi selected is incorrect; even though many users claimed they entered the correct password and even double checked on other devices. For users who were lucky enough to avoid this bug, they faced a few other bugs; online matchmaking issues and games constantly lagging online. The simple reason these bugs occurred is due to the update causing severe online connectivity issues, as reported by many users. Sony has identified these issues and has started to try locating the cause of the bugs and find solutions. Till then a few ways to resolve these problems are:

  1. Try connecting to your router/modem via Lan Cable, this is the simplest and recommended solution to resolve this bug.
  2. Many users claimed they could connect to their router after disabling their password, however this isn’t recommended.
  3. Switching your router security from WPA2 to something else.
  4. By switching the router signal from B/G/N to B/G, this is a short way to solve the bug but it is still recommended to try the first suggested solution.

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